Painting Plein-Air



I hope you are all enjoying summer and lots of ‘plein-air’ time. My painter friend, Anne-Marie and I went painting yesterday at South Forty Farm near Lake Wylie.  We arrived early before they opened, and Anne-Marie set up to paint in the middle of the parking lot.  On his arrival, the owner put out cones around her, knowing his deliveries were soon to arrive. She did ask if she should move, but they just worked around her.  It was a great day and the photos tell the story. The joys of Plein-Air!

Van Gogh ALIVE Exhibition in Charlotte


vg01-1024x682If this traveling exhibition of Van Gogh ALIVE comes to your area, I highly recommend you see it. I recently saw it in Charlotte at the Discovery Museum and was quite impressed. It redefines the traditional museum experience. You learn a lot about the artist, Van Gogh and see thousands of his paintings at close range. Very well done and educational.  It ends on June 1 in Charlotte so do not miss it. I have seen many of his originals over the years, but this production pulls in thousands of his paintings and tells the story of his life – all at close range. We know a lot about Van Gogh through his letters to his brother, Theo. Some of his brilliant thoughts were translated to English and shown; he was a remarkable man.

The experience is a bit like seeing the opera on MetLive in HD, shown at your local theaters.  What a great way to bring art to the public who ordinarily could not see it.

Watercolor, Ink and Pastel


JB sketch

Summer allows me more time to experiment with my painting a bit. This very quick sketch was an inspiration from a John Blockley book that I revisited. He died in 2002, but I had the privilege of meeting him in his studio in Stow in the Wold, Cotswolds several years ago.  His studio was in an old historical Cotswold building. He experimented most of the time in watercolor, ink and pastel, which enabled him to create some very interesting effects and textures.  This image is my first attempt at painting this way.

JB Style Sketch
watercolor on watercolor paper with ink and pastel.