Watercolor on an Airplane?


And here is my watercolor ‘creation’ of my niece, Olivia while ‘playing’ on the plane, coming home from a Family Reunion in Santa Barbara….. Love how it came out. I really did use to paint on a long plane ride, but because of the scrunched seats, I can no longer do it. This was digital playing.
Jann Pollard’s photo.

Jann Pollard - Fine Artist's photo.

Plein-Air Painting in a Tiny House

My daughter, Natalie Pollard is planning to spend some time with me painting in Tuscany this fall, so I thought we needed some plein-air practice and drove to Asheville to paint. After an afternoon of watercolor exercises, we drove to the Blue Ridge Mountains and mostly saw fog, but when there was a brief break, we quickly took some photos. It was cold and damp so we ended up painting in her tiny house. And who could pass up a great veggie meal that was just harvested! It is amazing what one can do in 400 square feet!

Check out her shop in West Asheville at http://www.forvillagers.com.

Summer Plein-Air in Charlotte

1582-connies-garden    pleinair-buds

Summer is here and we should all be out painting!  I recently have discovered the Plein Air Buds in Charlotte. We had a wonderful day painting in one of the members fabulous gardens that only an artist could truly appreciate. Hope all of you painters are out there, too. Painting plein-air really hones your skills; the more you do it, the easier it becomes and you will remember forever the sights, colors and sounds of the day. I have started going out once a week this summer and am loving it!

Painting is watercolor on aqua board which I have been enjoying as it does not need glass or mat.  ‘Connie’s Garden’, 12″ x 12″ watercolor on aquaboard.

‘Paris Shadows’ Award


I have been told my painting ‘Paris Shadows’ on bark paper received a Merchandise Award for the juried Southern Watercolor Society’s annual exhibition!! So exciting and remember, should you be in Tennessee . . .

1537parisshadowsThe exhibition will be at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville, Tennessee, May 8 – July 5, 2015.


Technique for Painting Watercolor on Aquaboard

Walking Grand Traverse

Attached is a small painting I just completed, “Walking Grand Traverse”, 8″ x 10″ image size, watercolor on aqua board. I have been experimenting with this new surface (aqua board by Ampersand) which enables you to paint your watercolor in the normal manner, then spray it with an archival finish so it does not require a mat or glass.  It gives your work an entire new look. The surface is a bit clay-feeling, absorbs watercolor well, and the best part is you can easily lift back to white. It is a bit tricky at first until you get the feel of it, but it is really fun!

Turner Exhibition


TurnerexhibitonWhile Gene and I were in Los Angeles staying with our granddaughter while her parents went to Korea to get their new adopted son, we were able to go to 5- LA museums! Favorite show was the Turner Exhibition at the Getty Center, organized by the Tate and you won’t want to miss it. I had seen many Turner watercolors but not these oils and the wonderful way he could paint transparent textures.

February 24–May 24, 2015GETTY CENTER, Los Angeles.
June 20, 2015 – September 20, 2015 FINE ARTS MUSEUM, San Francisco

Another great thing the Getty is doing is offering a free mobile tour like you can do in the museum, only you can do it on your mobile or home computer. You do not have to be there! You can hear about the paintings and techniques. Check it out: http://www.getty.edu/mobile/gettyguide/center/exhibitions/turner/list.html