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‘An Artist’s Portfolio – Jann Lawrence Pollard’
Author: Jann Pollard
Published by

The book is a high-quality book, 80 pages, over 100 illustrations,

You can view the first 15 pages of the book on the site link above in red. It is a collection of my life’s paintings (to date) and in doing the book, it enabled me to categorize my work. The book is filled with landscapes, cityscapes, gardens, interiors, plein-air paintings, and even special sections on Venice and Paris.

Travel Book

1997 – 2015 Travel Paintings
Author: Jann Pollard
Publisher:, 2016
2 Versions – Priced $57 – $73

After retiring from teaching Painting Travel Workshops, I decided to create a book of photos from the many places I have had the great opportunity to travel and paint. What better than to include the work of the students who have traveled with me to these wonderful destinations. When I sent out a Call for Entry to the students and artists, I was amazed at everyones eager response to participate. The criteria to enter was the painting must have been painted ‘plein-air’ or from a photo taken in the workshop or once they returned home, from a photo/sketch they had taken/done in the workshop; all levels of artists were acceptable. Over 200 paintings or sketches are included in the book, representing 36 artists and 76 pages.

It is now available on AMAZON.COM for ordering or you may PREVIEW at the link below:
and please feel free to share on Facebook, your own web site or email to friends and family. You will be able to visually travel with us through our our art. It is intriguing to see what and how each artist sees differently – even the same subject.

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