watercolor-webNaomi Ekperigin, “Inspired Impressions,” American Artist, Watercolor magazine, Spring, 2012, pp# 48-57

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For more details, a preview and to purchase:
Jann Lawrence Pollard, An Artist’s Portfolio, Blurb.com, 2011, collection of paintings of landscapes, cityscapes, flowers and gardens, interiors and cafés. Old world architecture is a favorite subject including many paintings from Paris and Venice. 80 pages, over 100 illustrations.

creative-computer-toolJann Pollard & Jerry Little, Creative Computer Tools for Artists – Using Software to Develop Drawings and Paintings, Watson-Guptill Publications, 2001.

This book was written when the computer was first being used by artists. Just as the Impressionists learned to incorporate the camera into their creative process, an artist today can learn to use the computer as a creative tool. The software enables you to design your compositions such as you might do with a thumbnail sketch, but it provides you with more information. It is simply a tool for your creativity

Karen Brown, Jann Pollard (cover illustrator) Numerous books, Karen Brown Guides. I illustrated the book covers of the Karen Brown Guides from 1991 to 2008. They wrote travel guide books from 17 countries; each year; I would paint watercolors for these 17 covers. Working with their team of three, with conferences mostly done through group emails, I created a system, similar to the ‘Creative Computer Tools for Artists’ book, so all 4 of us could visualize the proposed cover the same. Over the years, I painted 142 images for these books.
www.karen brown.com

Theodora Wilcox, Landscapes in Watercolor, AVA Publishing, 2002, pp# 56-59





Margot Schulzke, A Painter’s Guide to DESIGN and COMPOSITION, F&W Publications, 2006, pp# 134




Jann Pollard, “The artist and computer can be friends,” International Artist magazine, Feb/Mar 1999, pp#22-31




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