Watercolor on Canvas – Framed without Glass

TOP OF CORTONA, 2016, Watercolor on watercolor canvas, 10 x 6", $375
TOP OF CORTONA, Watercolor on watercolor canvas, 10 x 6″

This painting was painted plein-air after hiking to the top of the historical village of Cortona, Italy. It illustrates the technique of painting watercolor on a specially formulated canvas that accepts watercolor. After varnishing it for protection, the painting can be framed without glass and mat.

3 thoughts on “Watercolor on Canvas – Framed without Glass

  1. I love the ffect of the watercolor on canvas. How do you prepare the canvas? Every time I see a post from you, Isabella the hope that you will be visiting Filoli again. I have such fond memories of your classes. I learned so much. I love your travel posts💕👍


  2. Thank you so much, Barbara. You can purchase the archival watercolor canvas from Frederix. Do a search online. You will love it, but it is a bit tricky at first as is any new material.


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