Winter Painting and Projects

1600-pariswindowreflections-3This is a little painting I just completed to test some new acrylic texture techniques. The wall and building were painted with several layers of acrylic with a matt medium, utilizing a sponge that had just the right texture for the stone; the window reflections in contrast were done with many glazed, glossy layers.

‘Paris Window Reflections’
Acrylic on aqua board
14″ x 11″

As many of you know, last fall I retired from teaching travel painting workshops in order to have more time to pursue my own painting. I decided for the winter months, a good project would be to create a photo book from the student’s paintings over the last 17 years. A Call for Entry was sent to all previous students. They were told they could submit a painting they had either done in one of the workshops or from a photo they had taken in one of the workshops. I was happily overwhelmed to receive over 250 images – 190 of them will be included in this book, representing all levels of artists. The photos tell the story of the wonderful times we have had traveling and painting together in France, Italy, England, Mexico, and the USA. Many traveled with me to several destinations.

My friend Anne-Marie Steele and I will be having an Art Exhibition of small, framed paintings in Argyle, Texas, near Dallas on April 24, 2016. If you or a friend would wish an Evite invitation, please send me an email to More details to follow.

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