Van Gogh ALIVE Exhibition in Charlotte

vg01-1024x682If this traveling exhibition of Van Gogh ALIVE comes to your area, I highly recommend you see it. I recently saw it in Charlotte at the Discovery Museum and was quite impressed. It redefines the traditional museum experience. You learn a lot about the artist, Van Gogh and see thousands of his paintings at close range. Very well done and educational.  It ends on June 1 in Charlotte so do not miss it. I have seen many of his originals over the years, but this production pulls in thousands of his paintings and tells the story of his life – all at close range. We know a lot about Van Gogh through his letters to his brother, Theo. Some of his brilliant thoughts were translated to English and shown; he was a remarkable man.

The experience is a bit like seeing the opera on MetLive in HD, shown at your local theaters.  What a great way to bring art to the public who ordinarily could not see it.

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