Italy Painting Holidays – September, 2014


This is a reminder that the two Italian workshops for next September, 2014 need to be committed with a deposit before the end of January ‘if’ you want to take advantage of Raffaele’s offer of a 5% discount.  He offers this discount because of the reserve commitment he must make to the hotels. Please check his Booking and Cancellations on his website:
Rafaele’s prices are quite reasonable, he is great fun and most everything is included but airfare.  All you have to do is talk art, paint and be immersed in the local culture! Lemons, wine, olive oil and all the gems of Italy await you!

Check out photos of past workshops on these links:

Please contact Jann at (or 704-910-6422) with your questions.

2 thoughts on “Italy Painting Holidays – September, 2014

  1. Jann,

    I am definitely planning to go. But I am waiting until I get this neuro opthalmology issue resolved so I know what I am facing.



    1. Sherry:

      So sorry you are having these issues. Eyes are nervous issues.

      Check Raffaele’s booking conditions on this page: We can talk about it on Thursday. You could book and you lose nothing up until 75 days out, except for the US to euro transfer fees. His discount is worth $250. It is up to you of course, but it might be a good gamble. YOu could always take out travel insurance, also.

      CANCELLATION CHARGES If you cancel a booking this must be done in writing or by fax. Number of days prior to start of workshop:

      More than 75 days: deposit returned in full;

      75 – 31 days, we will charge 30% of total holiday price;

      30 – 15 days: 50% of total holiday price;

      14 – 7 days: 75% of total holiday price;

      7 days or less: 100% of total holiday price.


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