New OPEN Acrylic Paints

For the Beginning Acrylic Painting Workshop at Filoli on August 6 – 8, 2013, Golden Paints will be donating the new OPEN acrylics for the students to try. They are also sending the new OPEN mediums with which we can experiment. You will be amazed at the various effects you can achieve with these new mediums. You can even make your painting look and feel like the lustre of an oil painting. No turps needed. It is fun!

3 thoughts on “New OPEN Acrylic Paints

  1. Your class looks like such a great opportunity to try different Golden products with guidance. FYI the Filoli .pdf “Course” for the 8/6-9 class has some extraneous information in it which might make it a bit confusing. Karen


  2. I do wish I could be in your acrylics class even tho I’m not technically a beginner. been at it for about 6 years. I try to do small watercolors when we travel(thank YOU!). I find the medium so challenging esp after using acrylics! I’m actually hanging a show of my paintings that week. I and a photographic artist friend aresharing the exhibit space the Coastal Art League here in Half Moon Bay. I will try(meaning I am still computer technically challenged!) to send you an invitation re our reception Aug 9th 5-7. It will be hung until Sept 1. I have loved your Filoli classes. fondly, Barbara Lambert


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