Following is a terrific lineup of WORKSHOPS for 2013 with many options for you. Click on any of the links for more information.

The ‘Inspiring Destinations’ exhibition at Filoli opens today!  Many volunteers worked on hanging it yesterday and it is awesome! Don’t miss seeing it if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

 TUSCANY/UMBRIA 2013 – Tuscany in the Frame

 Workshop Dates: CHANGE OF DATE 4/30 – 5/7, 2013
 Location: Umbria – Tuscany, Italy

LAKE COMO 2013 – Tuscany in the Frame

Workshop Dates: 5/9/2013 – 5/16/2013
Location: Lake Como, Italy

FILOLI  (National Trust Garden near San Francisco, California

PLEIN AIR in the garden
3 days, summer, date to be announced. Registration is not yet open.

VILLA LE BARONE 2013 – Chianti in Tuscany, Italy

Workshop Dates: 10/08 – 10/14/2013
Location: Chianti in Tuscany
Contact Information:
Jann Pollard

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